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Smart City San Diego - about

Mission & Priorities

Smart City San Diego’s mission is to power San Diegans’ lifestyles through the responsible use of our resources.  We will realize this mission by engaging and listening to our communities, developing common strategic themes, executing collaboratively and delivering competitive, valued solutions.


Smart City San Diego aims to be the foremost resource conscious community that sets the measurable standard for sustainability and efficiency by embracing continuous innovation, collaboration and technology. As part of its mission, Smart City San Diego has identified a host of efficiency and renewable energy objectives to drive San Diego's clean energy evolution:

  • Support California's goals for localized electricity generation and 33 percent renewable energy by 2020
    • Smart City San Diego partners are rolling out solar initiatives and developing advanced microgrids to support California's renewable energy goals.
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  • Empower consumers with real-time knowledge and intuitive technology to manage their energy use
    • To provide customers with real-time energy data that will allow them to manage energy usage more effectively, Smart City San Diego partners are working together to establish pilots for smartgrid enabled appliances and in-home technologies that communicate with existing smart technologies such as meters.
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  • Minimize the need for additional infrastructure by optimizing and automating the electric grid with two-way communications and monitoring technologies
    • By collaborating with GE and UC San Diego, SDG&E is able to access new optimization and monitoring technology that will help the utility prepare for challenges San Diego's grid will face as one of the cities with the largest amount of solar rooftops and electric vehicles. Smart City San Diego partners will help SDG&E upgrade its own system with the newest technology, while UC San Diego will use its research to ensure the technology is reliable and efficient.
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  • Demonstrate the value and impact of innovation to the San Diego region and the community through public smart grid projects and displays
    • CleanTECH San Diego partnered with UC San Diego in a winning bid from the California Energy Commission to establish Clean Renewable Energy Communities. CleanTECH serves as the link between the university's best practices and market users, such as municipalities and private industry.
    • GE is assembling a comprehensive package of home energy solutions that will be demonstrated in test houses in various U.S. cities, including San Diego. GE will integrate a package of roof top solar panels and smart grid-enabled energy-efficient appliance and lighting products with its Nucleus™ Home Energy Manager. This technology delivers real-time energy usage consumption data to PCs and smart phone applications, empowering homeowners to track and make decisions about how and when they use energy.
    • SDG&E has created the Energy Innovation Center for the public, with the grand opening scheduled for early 2012. UC San Diego is providing research as the facility integrates solar trees, electric storage, electric conversion and electric vehicle charging stations into the center.
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