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The Smart City San Diego initiative is comprised of three key projects aligned with our mission to create a Sustainable San Diego:

With numerous energy projects taking place throughout the San Diego region, Smart City San Diego engaged the community to work together to develop common strategic themes that the partners could execute collaboratively.  With each project, Smart City San Diego sets the standard for sustainability and efficiency by embracing innovation, collaboration and technology.   Smart City San Diego works together across all projects, leveraging its combined resources and talents to bring projects to fruition.

Each Smart City San Diego project is built around economic, social, environmental and regulatory drivers, including

  • delivering cost-effective energy solutions to consumers while maintaining energy security, safety and reliability
  • creating a dialogue with consumers on natural resource usage, responsibility and eliminating of barriers for the adoption of new technologies
  • managing natural resources through conservation, energy efficiency, cost control and recycling with a focus on improving environmental quality 
  • actively supporting key state regulatory initiatives including SB 375, AB 32 and the Renewables Portfolio Standard