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Electric Vehicles for San Diego

As of August 2013, San Diego County is home to over 6,000 electric vehicles, 600 charging stations, 12 DC fast chargers, and over 40 clean transportation companines. In 2013 alone, electric vehicle usage in San Diego resulted in a savings equal to taking 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas off the road.

Smart City San Diego is committed to helping San Diego become America’s Finest “Plug-In” Ready City by facilitating the expansion of a public electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure that ensures the safe, reliable and efficient integration of EV charging loads with the power grid. Smart City San Diego will support the electric vehicle and renewable energy programs already taking place in the region and expand those projects by leveraging the capabilities of Smart City San Diego participants. 

With the largest initial deployment of electric vehicles in the country, Smart City San Diego is focused on implementing a comprehensive EV infrastructure to support the volume, including five key EV initiatives:

  • Utilize smart technology to enable rapid electric vehicle growth while ensuring safe, reliable and efficient integration of EV charging loads with the grid.

    UC San Diego, SDG&E and GE will demonstrate smart technologies to identify when and where EV charging will occur, as well as work with EV owners to manage charging loads more efficiently.

    As part of the project, UC San Diego will test different ways to charge electric cars in an effort to explore the most efficient, reliable charging methods available. UC San Diego will experiment with combinations of solar panels, storage batteries and electric grid smart technology to achieve the most effective grid integration.

  • Streamline home and public charging deployment processes.

    SDG&E and the City of San Diego will work toward developing the most effective electric vehicle permitting process to ensure easy and rapid deployment of electric vehicle chargers for home and public-access locations.

  • Research and demonstrate systems to power electric vehicles through clean, renewable energy sources, such as solar.

    UC San Diego, GE and SDG&E will test the technical and economic feasibility of achieving zero tailpipe emissions, leveraging UC San Diego's extensive solar and fuel cell renewable energy generation infrastructure. The Smart City San Diego team will also combine research efforts to test the feasibility of using the large batteries installed in plug-in cars to help manage the power grid more efficiently. CleanTECH San Diego will serve as “connective tissue” between anticipated technology needs in the electric vehicle sector and the San Diego region’s innovators.

  • Deliver economic growth for San Diego.

    CleanTECH San Diego and the City of San Diego will help quantify the economic impacts of the electric vehicle initiatives, including cluster growth, incremental job growth and training needs, to ensure the city continues to prosper and benefit from this new industry, but attractive many electric vehicle service providers and manufacturers to the region.

  • Study consumer behavior to better understand consumer decision making processes and identify additional electric vehicle initiatives.

    The Smart City San Diego collaborative plans to enlist about 50 consumers from the UC San Diego population of students, faculty, and staff who will be offered commercial leases on electric vehicles, charging their vehicles through UC San Diego’s planned electric vehicle infrastructure. This longitudinal study will examine consumer charging time and location preferences, as well as vehicle use.

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