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SDG&E Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Residential Energy Efficiency
    Rebates and Ways to Save Money and Energy

  • Small Business
    Small businesses play a major role in sustaining California's growing economy and require an increasing demand for energy. SDG&E offers cash incentives and energy-saving strategies to keep your business running as energy efficiently as possible. By taking advantage of just a few of these opportunities, you'll find out how simple it is to save energy and money.

  • Rebates and Savings on Energy-Efficient Equipment and Projects
    Save with rebates and more. Whether you are replacing existing equipment or starting from scratch, start finding ways to save with SDG&E

  • Save When You Reduce Energy Use
    Save money and energy when you reduce your use of electricity during periods of high-demand.

  • Take Advantage of Interest-Free Financing
    Finance the cost of your energy-efficient upgrades with us. It's interest free!

  • Savings By Design
    SDG&E’s Savings By Design program offers cash incentives and technical assistance to help you maximize energy performance in your commercial new construction projects, including. This program encourages the design and construction of high-performance projects that offer economic, health and environmental advantages to building owners, building occupants and the public.

  • Sustainable Communities
    The award-winning Sustainable Communities Program advances and promotes the use of clean energy generation technologies within SDG&E’s service area. The program strategically integrates utility-owned generation systems, such as photovoltaics, fuel cells and wind power with sustainable building projects to provide energy to the grid. The systems are installed, maintained, and operated by SDG&E (seems like the trademark should be well before now)